What’s up with Jurassic World’s Blue Raptor?

If you haven’t been watching the trailers for Jurassic World, well, good for you. I’m not too keen on this movie, it just seems like it’s full of stupidity.

There’s the character played by D.B. Wong, reprised from the first film, an arrogant scientist who believes that meddling in nature is safe and controllable. He never learns. Let me reiterate what I’ve stated elsewhere; I hope the character dies in this film, like he should’ve in the original. (Remember in the original film, the old guy who funded the death trap and the scientists who created it all escaped unharmed. The only ‘bad’ people who died were the morally ambiguous lawyer and the computer programmer who crashed the system to steal embryos.)

But that’s not the point of this screed.

Today’s question for Jurassic fans is what’s up with the blue raptor? If it isn’t clear in this gif above, then look at the first 15 seconds of this trailer. The raptor has blue waxy streaks down the sides of its torso and tail – AND – they appear to flash colour as if they had an electrical charge.

Here’s two more stills from this newest featurette. One lets you see the left flank of the lead raptor, the second shows a view down on it and two normal raptors.

Anyone know what’s going on with that?

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