I Want to Believe

Remember the poster in Mulder?s office in the X-Files? ?I Want to Believe? it declared over the image of a UFO. Well, truly, I want to believe, too.

Star Trek Beyond has been on my mind a lot lately. Paramount?s treatment of Star Trek, and specifically the JJ Abrams reboot of the concept in 2009, has been irritating me more and more. I know I?m not alone. You see it on Reddit, you see it in film sites. People aren?t happy with how the franchise has been treated in the JJ Trek universe and much of that unhappiness came into focus with the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond.

There are many sundry complaints, I won?t enumerate them here.

But a few things have happened recently that offer optimism. The May 20th fan event offered, if not a mea culpa by Paramount, then at least a nod to correcting what had gone wrong before. Beyond the symbolic naming of a street in the Paramount lot after Leonard Nimoy, there were some other positive signs.

Paramount?s lawsuit against a fan film has infuriated a cross-section of the fandom, as the fan film, Axanar, seemed to be hewing truer to Trek tradition than Beyond was. Paramount addressed that in two ways. First, JJ Abrams announced that director Justin Lin had personally stepped in on Axanar?s behalf and that a compromise of some sort was imminent. If all goes well, we may yet get Axanar, something that seemed unlikely days earlier. Second, the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond showed a different side to the film, one that played closer to old Trek conventions.

It?s too early on both counts to jump up and down, to celebrate, but damn, I Want to Believe. Here?s a couple of images I made encompassing that idea. They?re free to share non-commercially, if you’re interested, but not to profit off of.

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