I Dreamt a Movie

Coronation Street
Coronation Street is an example of how they lived in England.

I’ve been having sleep difficulties recently. Sometimes this means I can’t sleep, for tossing and turning. Other times it means I have very vivid dreams.

I want to tell you about one dream that i had a few nights ago both because it’s stayed with me, and because it was so undreamlike.

My dream appears to have been a movie although i couldn’t hear the dialogue or soundtrack. What I know – it was about a family from a northern England industrial town that moves to rural Spain. Their home in England looked like something out of Eastenders or Coronation Street, but wasn’t in London.

The family consisted of a father, mother and two or three children – at least one daughter (maybe two) and a son. The son was the youngest, and about seventeen years old. They were almost a British Addam’s Family but without the humour or any supernatural element.

They all had black hair and wore black clothes, except the son, whose brushcut appeared to be not black, and who wore a grey banded t-shirt with black jeans.

Now here’s the really weird part – I can tell you who was cast as two of the characters. The mom was clearly Eva Green and the son was clearly Will Poulter.

Beyond all this back story that was immediately apparent to me, I witnessed three scenes:

In the first, mom, dressed in black, is staring into a mirror (the camera) putting on black lipstick.

in the second, the two daughters (or mom and one daughter, I’m not sure) are sitting at a picnic table in a big yard. The son and his girlfriend are sitting opposite, but back a few metres/yards. The two sisters are heckling the son (I can’t hear, but from body language) and the girlfriend is berating him for allowing it. He’s sitting there, slouched down, arms crossed and getting angrier.

In the third scene, we are in a massive living room, all dark wood, very rich. The windows to the room are huge – they go from the ceiling down almost to the floor. The windows are open. As we watch, the wind picks up and rain starts coming in. The father enters the room and tries to shut the windows. He can’t because the huge windows only close in pairs – they lock to each other, not to the windowsill and his arm span isn’t enough to grab both windows at once.

Then I woke up…

If this an actual movie or TV show that I’ve witnessed and forgotten, please tell me. I haven’t seen a lot of Eva Green’s work since Casino Royale, and the only thing that I know I’ve seen Will Poulter in is We’re the Millers.

IMDB used to have a feature where you could search two actors names to see what they’d appeared in together, but I don’t see that now.

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