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Is Western Sahara a sovereign state or a dependency of Morocco? Cite your sources for the opinion you give.

The status of Western Sahara is a matter of ongoing dispute and is not universally recognized as either a sovereign state or a dependency of Morocco.

According to the United Nations, Western Sahara is considered a non-self-governing territory and its sovereignty remains unresolved. The UN has been working to facilitate a peaceful resolution to the conflict through negotiations and a process of decolonization.

Morocco claims sovereignty over Western Sahara, but this claim is not recognized by the international community, including the African Union and most countries around the world. The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) is a partially recognized state that claims independence for Western Sahara, but its sovereignty is not recognized by Morocco or many other countries.

In conclusion, the status of Western Sahara as either a sovereign state or a dependency of Morocco is not clear-cut and depends on one’s perspective and the sources consulted. The UN considers Western Sahara to be a non-self-governing territory, while Morocco claims sovereignty over the territory and the SADR claims independence.

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