Tau Ceti

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by Stephen G Parks

The experimental ship Santa Maria's first mission, to recover the Voyager probes, seems mundane, truly a letdown for an interstellar-capable ship — until it all goes wrong. Now the ship is a wreck, the survivors held prisoner on an alien vessel, and Commander Jeffery Carter, along with second-in-command Michelle Patterson, must represent Humanity in the confusing and volatile legal system of a crowded galaxy on the verge of war.

Our crime, using tachyon propulsion and shielding, a weaponizable and forbidden technology, seems undeniable, our guilt unassailable.

To make matters worse, a secret Human colony has been discovered orbiting Tau Ceti, further proof that we're a dangerous and spreading complication that just can't be tolerated right now.

Forced to solve a deadly puzzle without all the pieces, and at odds with each other, Carter and Patterson are about to come face to face with the ugly truth that Humanity is by far its own greatest threat.


Tau Ceti is not finished — as of October 2015 it's in revision at 123,000 words.