Review: Arrival (Minor Spoilers)

We saw Arrival (no “the” in the title) this past week, and while I loved it, there was a point that stuck with me - and it probably wasn’t the point that you’d think.

Things that I loved - that it was a slow film, that it gave you time to think about what you were seeing and experiencing. I loved that you don’t always get answers.

But… but… but… there was this nagging thing in the back of my mind. READ MORE (includes minor spoilers)

Thoughts on Shel Silverstein

Recently, Shel Silverstein has become a topic of conversation in the blogosphere, not bad for someone who died in 1999. The cause of this sudden surge of interest is a new interpretation of one of his classic works, The Giving Tree. The upshot of this new interpretation is that the book is not about compassion and greed, but in fact about "patriarchy" and that it “romanticizes self-destructive and self-negating behavior in women."

I guess that I'd have to say that people sometimes read a book too deeply, projecting their own themes onto those of the author. Shel wrote simplistic stories with a child-like perspective. I've always had a soft spot for that perspective, but he wrote in broad storkes, and in doing so, left room open for others to fill in the details as fit their psychology.