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Published Short Stories:

Last Breath Day It’s your typical love story: Boy meets girl, girl gets pregnant, aliens attack, everyone dies. You know, the usual stuff.
Published in Alien Invasions Short Stories (Flame Tree Publishing, March 2018)


Or read it here.

Stories on WATTPAD:

Sylvester, Down
(Short story, 8 minute read)
The Sylvester is a beautiful old space yacht. While sailing past the far side of the Moon, the Sylvester is attacked. The crew must use all their resources to survive.Or read it here.
Death vs Taxes
(Short story, 5 minute read)
The Grim Reaper has been summoned by all kinds of fools, but a summons from the IRS is just intriguing enough that he’ll come.Or read it here.
(short story, 4 minute read)
A young boy has nightmares of twisters, of powerlessness, that come to a head the night after his grandmother’s funeral.
Dee, for the Win
(Short story, 6 minute read)
Sixteen-year-old Deacon Carver wants nothing more than to escape his life. Kelp farming ain’t great, the pay’s crap. You risk your life every day. Dee’s only pleasure is Slaughter Ball, a dangerous underwater race.Or read it here.
Act 5 Scene 0 (Romeo’s Remorse)
(short story, 2 minute read)
In this missing scene from Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, we visit Romeo in Mantua. He is beginning to understand the import and ramifications of his actions.
Last Breath Day
(Short story, 7 minute read)
The last remnants of humanity are slaves, working for their air. Have a bad work day, it’ll be your last breath day.Or read it here.

100-Word Drabbles Published by Specklit:

How It Really Happened Independence Day doesn’t depict how an alien invasion would really happen. This does.
Long Term Storage Humanity gambles on a survival strategy.
Hello, God? A police inspector has an interesting day.
No Present For Second Place Even alien invasions can be affected by seasons.
My First Cosplay  How would an alien interpret Hallowe’en?
Forget Me Nots A countdown to destruction.