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Published Short Stories:

Last Breath Day It’s your typical love story: Boy meets girl, girl gets pregnant, aliens attack, everyone dies. You know, the usual stuff.
Published in Alien Invasions Short Stories (Flame Tree Publishing, March 2018)

Stories that are on submission right now and may appear in a bookstore near you:

The Maiden Voyage of Novyy Mir
Graceful Degradation
Sylvester Down

Dee, For The Win
Act 5, Scene 1

100 Word Drabbles Published by Specklit:

How It Really Happened Independence Day doesn’t depict how an alien invasion would really happen. This does.
Long Term Storage Humanity gambles on a survival strategy.
Hello, God? A police inspector has an interesting day.
No Present For Second Place Even alien invasions can be affected by seasons.
My First Cosplay  How would an alien interpret Hallowe’en?
Forget Me Nots A countdown to destruction.

Stories on this site:

The Wind Wasn’t Right Why is a deep space accident investigator being sent to interview a fry cook in Hong Kong? (500 words)
Death vs Taxes Why is the IRS trying to interview the Grim Reaper? (1500 words)

100 word drabbles on this site:

Uncertainty Persists Heisenberg is having dreams about Schrödinger again.
The Devouring Something is eating our solar system.
Hail to the Chiefs  What if President of the USA was the last job you’d ever want? Fortunate Waze Would you take life advice from your GPS?
Shakespeare’s Last Stand Is there no dignity in death?
Divine Knowledge That whole The Gods Must Be Crazy, ‘advanced science is magic’ thing.