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My short story Last Breath Day appears in the Alien Invasions Short Stories anthology, available NOW from Flame Tree Publishing or pre-order from Amazon.


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The Devouring *
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Recent Blog Posts:

Terry Pratchett Stories That Will Never Be Told

Terry Pratchett, make that Sir Terry Pratchett, was visited by one of his creations, Death, this past March. The world of fantasy and humour are worse off for that visitation.

I wouldn’t say that I am his biggest fan, I’ve only read 35 of his 41 Discworld novels and four or five of his non-Discworld novels. I haven’t read any of the companion books, for example (Science of… Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook… etc.). So you know, I’ve only read about forty of his books. So I guess I’m not a big fan… ;-)

… but even I know that Terry not only left a rich world, he left one full of interesting, yet untold, stories.

A Rainy Day Movie List - Some Sci-Fi to Watch

There has been a lot of good science fiction movies in the past few years, and there have been some blockbusters. But those haven't always been the same. Think of a Venn Diagram, two circles overlapping, there's a few movies that appear in the overlap (perhaps Guardians of the Galaxy or Mad Max: Fury Road), but most fall outside one way or the other. Here’s a list of some great-to-decent science fiction films that weren't blockbusters, but weren't bad. They cover a spectrum of styles and moods. You can probably find one or two that you haven’t already seen.

10 Novels that have stayed with me

David Gerrold, noted science fiction writer, had an interesting article on his website, 10 Novels that have stayed with me. One thing that amazed me is how much of a crossover there was with his list and my (then hypothetical) list. One thing that saddened me was that he gave the list (2 actually, one of books and one of authors), but no rationale for how they had impacted him. I thought I'd make my own list, but giving rationales for each. Read on...

Artificial Intelligence: Malicious in Movies, Benevolent in Books

Why is it that the portrayal of artificial intelligence in movies and books are contradictory? Almost universally, movies portray AI as adversarial to humans. I’ve noticed a disconnect between how books and movies portray artificial intelligence but I don’t have a clear explanation for it. Perhaps I have an observer’s bias and this is completely wrong. If you could be so kind as to read the article and use the comment space below to help me flesh out either this obvious disconnect or my obvious bias, I’d appreciate it.

What’s up with Jurassic World’s Blue Raptor?

If you haven’t been watching the trailers for Jurassic World, well, good for you. I’m not too keen on this movie, it just seems like it’s full of stupidity. But that’s not the point of this screed.

Today’s question for Jurassic fans is what’s up with the blue raptor? If it isn’t clear in this gif, then look at the first 15 seconds of this trailer. The raptor has blue waxy streaks down the sides of its torso and tail - AND - they appear to flash colour as if they had an electrical charge.

... More and bigger images inside...

How Does Luke Skywalker Live with Himself?

At the end of Star Wars (1977) our intrepid hero destroys the Death Star.

Yay, the good guys win!

Note that Luke didn’t kill the bad guy - he survived for the sequel. No, Luke killed the minions. When the Death Star destroys Alderaan, Ben says, “It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.” But that was the bad guy's fault. Luke is a good guy, isn't he?

How many people were on the Death Star? Wookiepedia puts the number at 1,148,309 or just over 1.1 million people. And you cheered when they died, didn’t you? Feeling a little guilty? No, not yet? Read on...