Curi’i Archive

Volume 1, Issue 1

1) How Space and Time Could Be a Quantum Error-Correcting Code
The universe may not be a hologram, but our understanding of computer coding may still offer insight to how it functions. Read here.

2) The App as Big Brother
I’ve downloaded and started to read the following paper a few times. It sounds interesting and I feel defeated for not having taken it in yet. Give it a read:
Software of the Oppressed: Reprogramming the Invisible Discipline

3) Cats definitely know their names (and sheep know faces)
It’s pretty much settled science now that cats recognize their names, as if you needed anyone to tell you that. But it turns out that sheep can recognize people from pictures of faces!

4) The impact of drones on the delivery of medical services in remote parts of Africa.
A quote from the article: To date, they have mostly been used in emergency settings to deliver automated external defibrillators and blood, but drones have also delivered vaccines and insulin, among other medical items, where regular supply and stocks are inadequate. The superior aerial view afforded by drones has also proved effective in monitoring mosquito habitats and in spotting victims of drowning.

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