Toto Was Wrong

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Toto was wrong

Working five years, Capetown to Kampala;
     Cities, townships, and refugee camps blue.
I have heard wild dogs cry out in the night
     (and lions, too)

 I’ve killed a black mamba, eaten a croc
      and a giraffe’s thigh.
I’ve sought wisdom from an old bull elephant.
      I’ve seen friends die.
With great people, famous and obscure.
      I’ve stood shoulderby.

      I have been blessed by the rains down in Africa

Kilimanjaro does not rise above the Serengeti
     (like an empress, or no).

It would take a lot to drag me away from you,

Toto was right.

-- 100 --

1) Obviously it makes extensive reference to "Africa" by Toto.
2) I wrote this in about 10 minutes, then spent two days editing it down to 100 words.
3) You can not see Kilimanjaro from the Serengeti. They're too far apart. Now that I know that, I have a hard time listening to the song. Yes, there is wilderness around Kili, but that's not the Serengeti.


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