Shakespeare’s Last Stand

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William ShakespeareThe legendary Shakespearean actor awoke to, “Assume crash positions!”

Glancing around as panicked faces craned to peer out the windows, abject fear at the angle of their descent ghosting their visages.

What do they know of fear? Peons!

Fear the indignities of ageing. Fear indifference and degradation! Flying to an audition? Audacity! Sitting in Economy, among the Greek chorus? Not even a window seat? Humiliation!

If they must die, let them die enlightened. One final stage then and not a critic to besmirch the memory, he thought as he arose, clearing his throat for their attention.

“To be, or”



-- 100 --



1) They say never start a story with your protagonist waking up. Oops
2) I originally wrote this story for a contest run by Janet Reid. Entries had to use the words: actor, crane, ghost, chorus, and stage.
3) I've made a few slight edits to the first two sentences.


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