Gupta-Gate: A failure in South African journalism

In May 2013, a scandal broke out in South Africa over a private jet landing at the top military base. At the time, none of the statements being made by the government made sense, and they often contradicted each other. I wrote the following to draw attention to them and to ask that some journalist step up and actually challenge these "facts." 

Tau Ceti - The evolution of a story

Once, in the 1980s, I started writing a story, called The Key to Alexandria, about angels, demons, magical crystals, time travel and a modern-day hero named Jeffery Kard. In this story, our protagonist gets slowly drawn into a mythical realm that overlays our reality. He learns of three crystals and a battle by two warring factions, angels and demons, each intent on unifying the crystals for their own purposes.

Making a physical book from an electronic manuscript as a gift

I decided to give my girlfriend a copy of my unfinished story as a physical book. She’d been wanting to read it for a while and her birthday was near, so off I went…

Step 1 - Selecting the size.

Given that I have an A4 printer and that A5 (half of A4) is an acceptable size for a hard cover book, I went with A5.

Step 2 - Sourcing material.

Lesser-known Science Fiction Stories That Have Stayed with Me… and few classics that haven’t

There are some books that may not be well known as science fiction classics, but that I’ve found myself reading repeatedly. Dune is a classic, and I’ve written about it elsewhere, so it’s not on this list, not because it hasn’t influenced me considerably, but because it is so well known in the genre.

What would the navigational conventions in near-planet space be?

As I’ve been contemplating a crowded human space, in the Deacon Carver series of novels. I’ve started dwelling on how ships of various sizes and maneuvering capabilities would co-exist in a gravity well.

No, I don’t buy the “hand it off to the computer and forget about it” approach.