TBR - To Be Read

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To Be ReadThis my “TBR” pile - my books waiting To Be Read, although after I took the photo, I found two more. Every writer has one. Writing is also about reading, about continually both being engaged creatively and seeing how others’ writing styles might influence yours.

Beyond the obvious science fiction, my current list includes fantasy (Sailing to Sarantium), magical realism (All the Birds in the Sky, and possibly Cloud Atlas? That one’s hard to characterize), historical revisionism (1434, the sequel to 1421) and a Malcolm Gladwell screed. Like most writers, I read outside of my genre, even more so than this pile would suggest.

Those of you who follow me on twitter may remember I was complaining about buying the second book in a series and discovering that it’s a different height than the first (whingy first-world problems indeed). Yeah, that’s be The Three Body Problem and The Dark Forest, stacked on each other in this picture.

There are also books that I’ve started but haven’t finished: Kim Stanley’s Robinson’s Aurora, Dan Simmons’ Hyperion, to mention two.

Do you have a TBR? What’s in it?