Speculating on the Game of Thrones End Game

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Like everyone, I watch Game of Thrones and wonder how it will end. I know according to Cersei, it never ends, but that’s beside the point. The TV series will end, and it will look for some closure somehow.

Lately I wonder if enough of the pieces are in motion that we can see how it works out. from here on it’s pure speculation written after seeing Season 6, episode 6. if you’re reading this later, events may have precluded some of my ideas.

I’m becoming more and more of a believer in the Jon Snow/Danerys Targareon wedding: Ice and Fire joined together. I expect Jon and Sansa retake Winterfell, with or without Rickon surviving. We should know that before the end of this season. I think Reese Bolton’s days are limited, his evil about to be brought back on him.

For seasons seven and eight, I expect Dany will use the Iron Born’s ships, and join forces with the scorpions to attack the Red Keep. My riskiest guess (especially given some foreshadowing n the latest episode) is that Arya kills Tommon in front of Cersei, but Cersei falls to Lady Stoneheart. I think the reveal that Lady Stoneheart is in the story will be when she kills Jamie in Riverrun. On the other hand, Cersei as a suicidal Lady MacBeth seems fitting too, tormented into throwing herself off the Red Keep and into the sea.

I expect the white walkers will breach the wall, and the Night’s Watch will cease to exist. I don’t think the white walkers will survive encountering the dragons. In fact Jon’s need for the dragons may force his marriage to Dany (I see Tyrion suggesting this). I wonder if the whole wall won’t be brought down by Drogon, who will somehow be offended by its existence.

I don’t know if Little Finger survives or not. There’d be some justice in seeing him fall out of the Moon Gate. I expect the zombified Mountain will fall somehow, perhaps to Tyrion. I don’t have any thoughts on the part that Brandon plays in all this. Likewise for Marjorie, the High Sparrow, and Tyrells in general - that whole storyline could just fade away and I’d be content.

What do you think - agree, disagree, have a completely different take?