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I like newsletters. I especially like writing them.

When I was in university, in the 1980s, I started a newsletter, called The Brief. It was hand-drawn and photocopied, and each issue was distributed around my residence hall. I still have the master copy of most issues, in a box, in a basement. From that I was invited to be on the editorial board of a student magazine. A year and a half later I was the editor.

In the 1990s, after a few years as the editor of a weekly entertainment paper, I moved from journalism to web development. But I still felt the need to create a newsletter, and LOGOS was born. It was my first email newsletter, from a domain that I no longer own, and archived in an application I no longer have (Eudora).

Later that decade I created a newsletter for a new media firm, Web Feat. Webfeatures started as an internal newsletter, with a lot of in-jokes and a lot of snark. It leaked to our clients, who began clamoring to be included on its distribution, and became an official marketing tool of Web Feat (a cleaned-up version, anyway).

By the beginning of the 21st century, I was living in Korea and traveling the western Pacific a lot. I was planning my move to Africa. I wanted to start a new newsletter, but this time the idea morphed into a website, Vicarious Vistas. I wanted to be able to showcase more images than I could in a newsletter.

I’ve recently resurrected a bare-bones version of that site.

And I’ve been thinking. I keep finding articles and opinions that make me say, “Oh, cool. Who can I share this with?” Well, I guess the short answer is you. I can share them with you. If you wish.

Announcing MyTribe a newsletter for people who think like me. (I know, I know: “think like I do” but I prefer the ‘me’.) The only thing I can guarantee is that it will be eclectic. Some issue may be thematic, say around holidays. The grammar may not always be perfect, but hopefully the ideas will be interesting, and their framing will be engaging.

If you’re interested, take a chance, sign up here. Or view the archive here (there may not be much of an archive yet).