Where to begin...? Let's Try


Ugandan TaxiMy name is Stephen G. Parks. You’ve probably never met me and that’s fine. It’s a big world and you haven’t met most of its inhabitants.

I’ve lived an unusual life, on four continents and in communities both well-off and under-developed. Much of my past can be read at Vicarious Vistas, my travel and living abroad site (UPDATE: THe site's down while I redesign it).

Throughout my life I’ve been a storyteller: I drew my own comic books as a youth; I wrote fiction as a teen; I was a journalist in university and beyond; later, I defined information flows as an information designer; I communicated language as a teacher; and I've shone a light on some very deserving people as a communications specialist and fundraiser for educational charities in Africa.

Now it’s time to tell my stories. And I’ve got a number to tell.