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  • Why I Haven’t Left Facebook (Yet)
    Like many of you, I’m not thrilled with Facebook. They’ve taken too much information, too much control, and not shown enough restraint. I’ve read about the ways that Facebook radicalizes QAnon followers, supports racist groups and generally does not act like a good local or global citizen. […]
  • Is Fossil Fuel the Great Filter?
    There’s this idea, called the great filter, that is used to explain why we haven’t found alien civilizations yet. The basics are this: The universe has existed long enough for any early-developing intelligent species to have populated the galaxy by now, even with slower than light […]
  • So you want to write a book?
    “So you want to write a book?” I got this question from a former co-worker on my last day in the office. My contract’s up, the company is shrinking, lots of us are scrambling, looking for work. I’m taking a slightly different path. After long conversations with my wife, we […]
  • Dead Not Dead – a Trope that Needs to Die
    This article contains spoilers for Jurassic Park, The Rise of Skywalker and The Last Emperox. You’ve been warned. There’s a trope that appears in fiction that drives me crazy, but I’m not sure I don’t violate it myself. So let’s deal with some examples, then I’ll […]
  • Alien invasion“Real” Writer vs Imposter Syndrome
    I’ve been writing for most of my life. That’s a number of decades, if you can’t tell from my profile picture. In grade school I told my teacher I wanted to write and direct a play. She gave me the go-ahead, but I never finished the play and it never happened. In secondary school I […]
  • Whatever happened to the future?
    Whatever happened to the future? I never thought I was going to get flying cars. I never thought I was going to get a jetpack. But I did think I was going to get a future in space. Why? Of all the things that we were promised in the 1950s and 1960s, space flight, especially within our solar system, […]
  • The Abandoned Cars of Ohangwena
    I used to keep a travel blog called Vicarious Vistas. It was the first site that I attempted to port over to WordPress and I was frustrated by the process so it remains far from complete. There’s a shell of it still alive – basically just a front page – that you can see here. It […]