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  • typewriterWalking away from a sale
    The hardest thing for a new writer to do is to walk away from a sale. I know, I just did it. I sent a short story to an anthology. They accepted it. The money offered is not much, but then again, I’m not a ‘name’ writer (yet!). The exposure, or at least having another publication […]
  • Goldilocks Worlds
    National Geographic has a great visualization of what we know about exoplanets and their habitability. This image shows that thus far, we’ve found fifteen planets (including Mars) that are a) the necessary distance from their star to have the right surface temperature, and b) are the right […]
  • Star Wars early logoFinding blog topics – Star Wars Logo edition
    Every writer is told to ‘build a platform’ (get your audience started) before publishing. How do you do that? Well, they’ll tell you to be active on social media and have a blog — Great, I can do both of those. — and have fresh content regularly. Oh. One thing that can […]
  • Solo a Star Wars StorySolo: A Star Wars Story
    Rogue One was the first Star Wars film that I didn’t see on opening night. Still, I saw it opening weekend. And again, later. (In 1977, I was 13 – the perfect age for that film, and I saw it again, and again, and again …) […]
  • Black PantherOn Willful Suspension of Disbelief
    I just saw Black Panther, and it got me thinking about willful suspension of disbelief. I?ve got no problem with Vibranium, or a hidden African nation that is superior to western nations in all ways. I don?t have a problem with clothing that defies the laws of physics. This is Marvel?s Comic […]
  • The usual suspectsGetting the Gang Back Together
    When I was a kid, I was a model maker, and was absolutely obsessed with Star Wars. Of course those two paths crossed (to someone?s great profit, I’m sure). Prior to Star Wars, my show piece was a WWII era Corsair done up as Pappy Boyington’s bird. There was a Spitfire, a P-38 Lightning […]
  • A City at DuskA City Only I’ve Visited
    There’s a place that I’ve been to, a city that I may be the only person to have ever visited. This city exists and recurs only in my dreams. I visit it perhaps once every few months. I know when I’m there, and I know that I’m dreaming. I can take myself back to places that […]