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  • John CougarMy Thundering Heart
    Well, our hearts beat like thunder, I don’t know why they don’t explode ~ Ain’t Even Done with the Night / John Cougar I got into John Mellencamp’s music earlier than most. His first single, Ain’t Even Done with the Night, played with my nostalgia, capturing that […]
  • Character Intro: Char Osbaldistan
    I doubt it’s a surprise that I’m working on a book. I’m actually working on a lot of them – a duology, a stand-alone novel, a novella and a five-novella sequence. Oh, and a few short stories, too. The five-book sequence follows the crew of a ship as they get into a series of […]
  • Rise of Skywalker Theories
    As most of you, I was surprised at how quickly Disney released the D23 footage of The Rise of Skywalker. It showed some interesting new footage and offered a few possible hints as to some of the film’s plot points. I’m going to make some potentially SPOILER-y guesses ahead. Continue at […]
  • CowboyDid I write this?
    Have you ever written something then read it later and thought, damn, who wrote that? It’s good! I just had that moment. I was going through my writings folder, looking for a 30-year-old story to use as an example in a class when I came across something that I apparently wrote 4 years ago. […]
  • lightbulb with ideasNurturing the spark (or not)
    I only ever took one creative writing elective in university. The course was supposed to be taught by one professor, a respected author and editor, but she had to pull out, so we got a new guy instead. This professor wasn’t great. Hell, he wasn’t even very good. I couldn’t tell […]
  • Shouldn’t fans decide what’s canon?
    I’ve had an idea in my head for a while, and along with it, a word: fanon. It seems to me that there is a very real but simple problem in much of science fiction fandom. For our beloved universes, the wrong people get to decide what is canon. I’m not deeply into the Star Wars mythology. […]
  • The Research Is In: Cats Know Their Names
    The science is in: cats know their names. New research proves what every human slave has known for centuries. In science-speak: “We conclude that cats can discriminate the content of human utterances based on phonemic differences.” As someone who has lived with cats for most of my life […]