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  • The Fault in Our Star Wars
    Blasting The Last Jedi and Solo for their faults has become a past time in certain circles. Although I don’t walk in those circles, I agree with some of their arguments. But for fairness’ sake, let’s take that same critical eye to the whole body of Star Wars movies. […]
  • The Tail of Ludwig and Natasha
    No, that’s not a typo. Ludwig and Natasha were cats who had only one tail between them. Ludwig had the tail. he was a Russian Blue mix. He had the double-layered grey fur of a Russian Blue, but he had yellow eyes, and a white patch on his chest. Also, we called him Wiggy. Natasha, you can […]
  • 13119NaNoWriMo is Depressing
    So an update on my first NaNoWriMo. We’re just finishing day 14. If you’re on track, writing 1,667 words a day, then you should be at 23,338 words. Me? I’m at 13,119 words, and I’m at the crux. […]
  • NaNoWriMoMy First NaNoWriMo
    I’ve never done NaNoWriMo (and don’t want to have to type that name a lot – too many caps!). I’ve witnessed Twitter friends go through it. They’ve made it sound painful, honestly. Somehow it always seemed like a form of torture that i didn’t need to impose on […]
  • Coronation StreetI Dreamt a Movie
    I’ve been having sleep difficulties recently. Sometimes this means I can’t sleep, for tossing and turning. Other times it means I have very vivid dreams. I want to tell you about one dream that i had a few nights ago both because it’s stayed with me, and because it was so […]
  • stacked booksBooks You Hate
    Have you ever been so disgusted with a book — the story, the editing, the whatever — that you’ve felt the desire to chuck the book against a wall? I have. As a reader, I’m annoyed, dissatisfied. As a writer, it’s an interesting lesson on what can go wrong, and pulls on […]
  • typewriterWalking away from a sale
    The hardest thing for a new writer to do is to walk away from a sale. I should know, I just did it. I sent a short story to an anthology. They accepted it. The money offered is not much, but then again, I’m not a ‘name’ writer (yet!). The exposure, or at least having another […]